REV 90 Pak

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The REV 90 Pak™ was designed to support the nutritional needs of individuals following the REV 90 Program. This program emphasizes high-density, low calorie nutrition and focuses on a diet full of filling food options that are low in calorie.

The REV 90 Pak™ delivers the nutrition needed to follow this plan.

This Pak™ includes:

Fitshake Banana Cream (1)

FitShake™ is Youngevity’s first performance shake! Packed with lean protein and a powerful probiotic and enzyme blend, this delicious banana cream-flavored shake is perfect before or after a workout.

Youngevity Super Greens (1)

Mix Super Greens with water or in a smoothie, to provide your body with the organic fuel you need to boost hydration and energy levels. This highly alkaline formula may help to support digestion and overall pH levels.* Get more organic green, leafy vegetables and fruit in your diet — in as little as one scoop per day!

Slender Fx™ REV™ - 2 fl.oz. (1)

Slender FX™ REV™ supports your body to mobilize and metabolize fatstores in the body. The REV™ proprietary blend is designed to targetexcess fat and the YGY Activating System enhances absorption and utilization.