About Beyond Organics Dairy Products Stretching across 8000 acres of pristine land in the Ozarks, Beyond Organic is a company on a mission to change your diet, change your life, and change your world. Based on the groundbreaking nutritional research featured in Jordan Rubin's book, The Makers Diet, we offer products and programs that go “beyond organic” within the categories of cleansing and detoxification, toxic-free skin and body care, cultured beverages, and nutrient dense dairy products shipped from the Beyond Organic farm to your family.

Amasai YOGURT Yogurt - With over 30 Probiotics using an ancient culturing method with Olde World cows

Seuro WHEY - Whole food, living cultured whey beverages with organic juices

GreenFed Raw CHEESE - This Artisanal raw cheese is unpasteurized, untreated, and a true whole milk cheese made using olde world cheese-making methods. Made on the same farm as the cows are milked, these cheeses contains a natural source of Omega 3s and CLA, protein, calcium, probiotics, and enzymes.

Ready for a CLEANSE? Download our Seuro Whey Cleanse Booklet

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GreenFed Dairy

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